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Private Property Towing

Since 1928 Kirk's Sineath Towing has been the best option for area businesses in achieving parking compliance. We are committed to understanding the specific needs and requirements for each property.

Private Property Towing

Authorization Forms: Complete one of the forms below. Fax or email to us and our Private Property Towing Manager will contact you. If you have any questions about the form please call us at 336-272-3456 and we will gladly assist you.

If you are in the Greensboro/Guilford County area click here for authorization form.

If you are in the Burlington/Alamance County area click here for authorization form.

Fax: 336-275-0547 Email:

Private Property Towing

Who needs Private Property Towing Services? Apartment owners or managers with limited parking available for residents. Community Home Owners Associations responsible for parking and keeping the community clear of unwanted vehicles can benefit from our services. Any business that has private parking can benefit from our private property towing service. Anytime a vehicle is hindering the flow of your business, you have the right to have the vehicle removed and we will be at your assistance. Parking violators can cause damage, litter, and an unsafe environment, along with other unwanted situations. We currently provide service to shopping centers, office buildings, colleges, hospitals, schools, apartments, law offices, gas stations, truck stops, and hundreds of other businesses.

Private Property Towing

A totally free service: The service is free. The signs are free. Lot patrol is free. The vehicle owner/operator will be responsible for all costs associated with towing and storage charges.

No job is too big for us: We have a complete fleet of wreckers from light duty to heavy duty. We can remove motorcycles, boats, trailers, cars, trucks, semi-trucks, and much more. Our trucks are all GPS equipped. With the GPS we always know where our trucks are. We know when they arrive at a customer's property, when they engage towing apparatus, when they arrive back to our lot, and other important information.

24 hour service: Unlike other towing companies our office is open and staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We never close. This is a huge convenience for vehicle owners that have been towed, they can call anytime with questions and they can retrieve their vehicle anytime without an appointment. Our office and lot is video and audio monitored for safety.

Regulations: There are specific City, County, and State regulations for Private Property Towing. Signage, towing laws, and DMV paperwork are just a few of the regulations. We work closely with local Law Enforcement, Department of Motor Vehicles, and other entities to ensure compliance. Using a towing company that disregards regulations not only will cause legal headaches for the towing company but will also cause legal headaches for the property owner/manager. Since 1928 we have seen many towing companies try to copy us and fail, don't fail with them. Our procedures are so tried and true that other towing companies follow our lead because they know we are always at the fore front of Private Property Towing. We are members of our state and national towing associations. Any towing company can put up a sign and tow a car, but if you want a company with integrity, longevity, and follows legal issues then call us now at 336-272-3456.

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